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>>. >> heather: i'm heather childers. welcome to a brand-new hour. >> gregg: i'm gregg jarrett. glad you are with us. we are about 24 hours away from the third and final presidential debate, stakes could not be higher as new polls show growing challenges for the president. we're live from florida. >> and breaking news in wisconsin, a mass shooting at a beauty salon and the gunman is stil on the loose. we're live with the latest. >> gregg: new information surfacing in the benghazi investigation. sensitive intelligence documents released to the public in a
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controversial move. >> but first a fox news alert. mideast country jordan saying 42 have broken up a terror plot by members of a suspected al-qaeda linked group. they were allegedly planning to attack western diplomats and bomb public areas like shopping malls. at least 11 militants have been arrested. police say the men brought in weapons by nearby syria to carry out their plot and may have been equipped with homemade explosives from iraq. >> gregg: another fox news alert. a shooting near a mall in milwaukee wounding several people. deputies looking for a dangerous gunman on the loose. anna is following with the details. >> reporter: we can tell you, the alleged suspect. it appears authorities are still searching for an active shooter who opened fire around 11:00 today sending four people to a
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brookfield, wisconsin hospital. they say a woman came out of the spa injured. first responders helped to her an ambulance. ten others ran out in hysteria. >> we saw some woman come out of the front door and roll down the hill. they scooped her up and took her over to the ambulance. then there was another woman and picking her over to the ambulance. then we seen about ten people leave the building with their arms up running out screaming. >> milwaukee f.b.i. says the s.w.a.t. team is negotiators and victims specialists are helping with the response. reporters on the ground counting at least 20 fire and police vehicles as well as a medical helicopter. they are searching for a dark skinned male about 6'1", 270 pounds and may be driving a black mazda. as mentioned at a news conference, radcliff franklin
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houghten and he may have been dressed in military fatigues. a representative from the hospital say they admitted four shooting victims and three more were expected. this is second mass shooting. wayne michael page a 40-year-old army veteran killed six people before fatally shooting himself. that was august 5th at a sikh temple south of milwaukee. >> gregg: anna, thanks very much. >> heather: turning now to politics and the countdown to the final showdown between president obama and governor mitt romney. tomorrow is final debate on foreign policy could michael or break the election now, only 16 days away.
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at stake momentum with millions of voters expected to tune in. there is a brand-new "wall street journal" poll showing just how tight this race is. take a look. president obama and governor romney tied at 47% among likely voters. john roberts is live at the site in boca raton, florida. what is the race looking like there? >> vast looking very tight. you mentioned the "wall street journal" poll. that is a battle ground states. this is where things could change. we were talking about how important these debates are. it's difficult to overstate because unlike most election cycles these debates have been moving the numbers. the goal for governor romney is to hang on those solid gains he has made since the first debate three weeks ago. he has been heavily involved in debate prep, hunkered down for
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last couple of days. took some time out to attend church with his wife. then earlier this afternoon presided over a ceremonial coin toss at a beach football game between his staff and members of the traveling press. we can report that ann romney -- has him up 2 points and new rasmussen poll has him up five points. marshaling co-rubio was talking about his chances earlier today. >> we like the way florida is going. two things have happened over the last couple weeks. number one, american people have seen mitt romney with his vision of the future. even more start slg the president's complete failure to put forth an agenda for the next four years. >> 29 electoral votes and it is difficult to see how governor romney can win without florida. if he lost florida he would need
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to win most of what is out there. >> heather: john, what about president obama. how is he looking in florida? >> let's that look four years. he won by a narrow victory over john mccain. about 1240,000 votes. republicans traditionally have an advantage in early voting here, the margins are narrower than they were four years ago so the obama campaign is saying things are looking pretty good. president won by winning counties like orange and hillsborough and things are looking pretty good in 2012. >> we have invested in this state. we have more than a hundred campaign offices across the state. we believe in our ground operations. it closed the gap. normally the republicans have the advantage with absentee ballots. we have closed it in this election. in terms of the agenda going forward, president in the last four years has made significant
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progress here in florida. >> florida is an important state but not be quite as crucial for governor romney. if he lost florida but he could still lose a couple other swing states and still win a second term. peter flagheerty and today, he is wearing purple socks. >> heather: there you have it. and on the football game, ann roomdz romney threw for a touchdown pass. was it a completed pats? >> it was a touchdown pass. by it's very nature. touchdown are completed. >> when you have five boys, you know how to throw a spiral touchdown pass. no question about that. remember fox news is your election headquarters. live coverage of the third and final presidential debate hosted by bret baier and megyn kelly
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beginning tomorrow at 9:00 right here on the fox news channel. >> heather: american political icon has died. george mcgoverg away this morning. he is remembered as a vocal critic for the vietnam war and advocate for the poor and hungry and a veteran of the second world war. his contributions to his country. >> george mcgovern lost the 1972 presidential election to richard nixon by more than 500 electoral votes but clinton said i believe no other presidential candidate had such an en doctoring impact in defeat. mcgovern was elected in 1962 and became the democratic party's nominee for president a decade later. >> american people want to believe in their government.
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they want to believe in their country. >> 'mechanical govern dropped his running mate when it was revealed the missouri senate received electroshock therapy for depression years earlier. they pushed for a withdrawal of vietnam. >> my son was then nine years old. she now 19. and faced with the draft. it never occurred to me when i started speaking out against the war it would some times catch my son ten years later. >> he says barack obama' election would be a victory for moderate liberalism. he said george was a statesman of great conscious and conviction. the mcgovern family says he continued giving speeches and advising past his 90th boyfriend. the family says services will be held in sioux falls, south
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dakota. >> heather: peter doocy, thanks, peter. >> gregg: violent protests erupting in the streets of lebanon, soldiers using tear gas to try to push back a mob. storming government headquarters in beirut. crowd enraged over a top official assassinated in a car bomb. many are blaming the syrian government for that bombing and call for the lebanese prime minister to re-sign. >> heather: new fallout over an issue that is expected to ignite a fierce debate during tomorrow night's face-off. the days falling the benghazi attack. molly henneberg has more. >> molly: this may be a taste of
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the presidential debate. they are debating the handling of the libya attack. one top republican senator says the administration should have seen that our consulate in benghazi was vulnerable and done something about it. >> we requested additional security was denied because we wanted to normalize relationships with a nonexistent government. we should have closed the consulate long before september 11th and heavily reinforced it. this was a national security breakdown before, during and after the attack. >> molly: the obama administration says there was no intelligence suggesting that an attack was imminent. democrats are pointing to state department documents released on friday by republican congressman darrell issa. democrats say such a move endangered libyan that's to score political points here at home. >> let's make sure what did
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occur but jumping to conclusions darrell issa does a documentary doesn't on his website on of sensitive information on those in libya keeping americans safe. it shows the lengths many will go to politicize this tragic situation. >> they say all the documents were unclassified and charged that democrats are trying to, quote, create a distraction to protect the president. >> heather: molly henneberg, thank you very much. by the way, coming up tonight, our very own bret baier begins us an investigative special report, death and deceit in benghazi. that is tonight starting at 10:00 p.m. eastern. >> gregg: massive celebrations in the streets of libya one year after the death of former dictator moammar khadafy, cheering crowds gathering in tripoli amid conflicting reports that khuary's former spokesman has now been captured.
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there have been false reports of capture in the past. we are awaiting an official confirmation. we'll let you know about that. >> new developments in the investigation of a brutal attack on a california family of five. inglewood police say a body fined at the crime scene is believed to be of desmond john mossad. he accused of setting fire to compound and opening fire yesterday. a father and four-year-old son were killed. the mother and two other children were wounded. though are expected to recover. investigators say that search efforts will continue until the body is positively identified. no word yet on a motive, but neighbors say moses was fighting a recent eviction notice from the property owner. >> pope benedict xvi canonizing seven new saints, con signifies
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tinge of people from all walks of life including marianne co from syracuse, new york. and mohawk woman who died at age 24 after converting to catholicism. he is first native american elevated to sainthood. >> heather: what happened if you don't want to vote for either presidential candidate? you still want to have your voice heard. voters in one battleground state they have found a solution. >> gregg: the unemployment rate is supposed to tell us just how well the economy is doing these days. does it tell the whole story? a piece of the puzzle that may predict the jobs picture once from now. >> heather: and o.j. simpson serving up to 33 years for armed robbery, could he soon be a free man and will he take the witness
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stand for n his own defense for the first time.
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for over 60,000 california foster children, extra curricular activities help provide a sense of identity and a path to success. joining the soccer team. getting help with math. going to prom. i want to learn to swim. it's hard to feel normal, when you can't do the normal things. to help, sleep train is collecting donations for the extra activities that, for most kids, are a normal part of growing up. not everyone can be a foster parent... but anyone can help a foster child. >>. >> heather: fox news alert. we now have a picture of the shooting suspect who attacked a group of people in a salon near a milwaukee mall. take a look. it's 45-year-old radcliff
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haughten. they say four shooting victims were taken there and three more were expected. there is a bomb squad on the scene but no word of a suspicious device. >> gregg: you know what it is often overlooked the number of temporary employees hired per month can actually be a better indicator how well the job market is doing. brenda but the her has been following -- brenda is anchor of bulls and bears. you have been taking attention. is it flat lining and if so, why? >> i think it's been overlooked by the mainstream media. it's a good indicator of what happens to the job market going forward. in tough times basically temps are the first ones to go. in september we lost 2,000 temp jobs. in the first six months we were
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adding 21,000 every month. that is huge difference. it really goes to show if history is any guide for the next three months, we're probably going to adding 70,000 jobs per month. that is nothing. it comes nowhere near keeping up with population growth. >> gregg: four days before the election, new monthly jobs number is going to come out. how do you see this? >> this is going to be more political than any economic number coming owls. it's huge. we saw a big drop in the unemployment rate. that is because so many people dropped out of the job market. they just gave up. that is huge reason why. there are two different surveys and different reasons, but that is hard sell. if it goes down and there is evidence it is going down in key states. >> gregg: it helps president obama four days before the
1:21 pm
election. i want to talk to you about gasoline prices, they have doubled in the four years that the president has been in office. does that hurt not only economic growth but consumers in terms of inflation? >> yes. it feeds into all different types of things. how we deliver goods and wholesale and consumer prices but the main thing it does, it hits consumer confidence. there are very few things. when you go to the gas pump you know you paid how much more per every fuel up you get. so consumers become less andless confident. they means they spend less. even if it's not a huge difference in how much they are taking out of their wallet they feel it. >> gregg: i do a lot of grocery shopping. a manager showed me some of the inflationary grocery prices. i was stunned by it.
1:22 pm
within the last six months and ten months. >> it's very basic things are definitely going up. there is one thing. gasoline prices may go down by as much as 50 cents a gallon by the end of november because refinery woes are getting better and less supply shortage. >> gregg: tax uncertainty, fiscal cliff you are talking about tax increases but you are talking about cuts in spending. >> huge across the board cuts. it's going to be the first main job for the new president. is coming up with some kind of deal. i can't imagine that congress is going to allow us to plunge over the cliff. if they did, there would be such mass unrest. this would be a huge deal in terms of the spending cuts. this is their job. that is what they are supposed to do. it's not supposed to be
1:23 pm
automatic. >> gregg: new regulations, how much of that is a deterrent to new hiring for businesses? >> that is great point. that is it. probably the number one issue. >> gregg: businesses small and large don't know what their obligations are? >> they don't have any kind of policies they are going to have in healthcare, spending and benefits they are not hiring. they are going to wait. that is exactly what they are doing. one out of three small business owners, they are response for creating half of the new jobs are pessimistic. >> gregg: we know median income has gone down the last four years. real personal income per capita which the amount we take home is about where it was a decade ago. >> more important than that, is wealth. our real wealth. our home prices have come down so much. so stock prices are down, home prices are down and that is where we really feel the pinch.
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>> gregg: so it's ugly with a capital "u". >> you do the grocery shopping. >> i do the cleaning. i do the laundry. >> what do you think, heather. >> heather: and a he goes go to the back to haggle the prices. >> today's the day you have to do it. heather and brenda, thank you very much. "bulls and bears", one of the great shows on fox news every saturday morning. 10:00 a.m. right here. >> heather: new concerns over penalties hospitals are facing for patient readmission. fines are meant for patients to get better care. but critics say it will hurt patients in the long run. >> gregg: governor mitt romney taking a break for some football. this is guy who knows how to
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>>. >> heather: 16 days until voters go to the paul's. they are hunkering down before the debate on monday. >> authorities in jordan arresting 11 militants with alleged ties to al-qaeda. accused men reportedly planning a terrorist act targeting shopping malls where westerners gather. >> heather: and a shooting outside milwaukee wounding multiple people. deputies are still looking for the gunman, police have identified him as 45-year-old radcliff haugheten.
1:30 pm
they are going to give an update and give you the latest details as we get them. >> new concerns that imposed under the health care overhaul could hurt our nation's hospitals. those hospitals now facing hefty fines if they have high numbers of patient readmissions. critics say it adds to pressures forcing a great many hospitals to close their doors. live in los angeles with more on this. first off, what is going at the hospitals that is causing so many patients to be readmitted? >> basically about two-thirds of america's hospitals are making fundamental errors when it comes to things like basic hygiene, cause infections in patients and when they go home and they are back within 30 days. often simple situations like patients have to be told how to take meds properly. what they need post hospital
1:31 pm
care at the end of the day. as a result of this you are seeing lots of people come back. medicare are paying for those people and they are implementing fines. >> gregg: how large is the fines are the hospitals facing. are they going to improve their standards? >> to begin with on average it's going to be $125,000 per year, but medicare intends on increasing the rate so annually collected among all hospitals paying up to billion dollars a year. that is actually a loss of money. the government wants to pressure hospitals to raising standards. there is another source of pressure that might come to the hospitals. that will come from the insurers medicare is imposing fines on three conditions. insurers will choose to extend the range of conditions and when they started to get over the number it will be extremely expensive for them and really consider raising their
1:32 pm
standards. >> and romney's advisors this is knock on effect from obamacare and it could lead to more hospitals closing. any truth to that? >> possibly to some extent. you have to look to the degree of financial pressure. when you are looking at year in which $900 million to a billion is being imposed in fines. romney's solution is an open market so they can lay their own standards, but at the end of the day that will take ten years before it really happens. only alternative right now is really the plan that is in in place, a fine system. as a result some hospitals are really going to feel the pinch. >> gregg: dominic, thanks very much. >> heather: looking ahead to the final presidential debate. president obama and governor
1:33 pm
romney preparing to go head to head, topic is foreign policy. it's been a big issue this election year in light of recent threats to u.s. interests around the world. polls show that the economy is greatest concern for voters. so what impact will this impact final have on the race if any? ford o'connell and advisor for the center of american progress action fund. thank you for joining us. >> the last of the debates is tomorrow night. countdown is on. the topic is foreign policy. do you think that people will tune in and do you think it will make any difference in swaying people's minds this late in the game. >> yes, i do here is why. there is perception that president obama is really strong on foreign policy. that is why we see him leading in the battleground states. foreign policy is not very high
1:34 pm
on the voter interest rate, if more comes out about libya, president obama strong is o foreign policy is just not true. what we really are seeing a failed leadership essentially backed up by a campaign slogan that bin laden is dead. he has a very weak record on foreign policy. >> heather: i have numbers that back you up on that. economy has been the dominant theme but foreign policy has attracted renewed attention on the attack on consulate in benghazi. take a look at this poll. mitt romney has all but erased president obama's lead on foreign policy. president's foreign policy numbers have plummeted by 11 points. on the issue of foreign policy, the president holds a slim 47-43% angling o edge over governor romney.
1:35 pm
so what can you do in this debate to swing those numbers back in his favor and what can governor romney do to keep his favorability growing? >> first thing i want to remind us, foreign foil poil is not mutually exclusive from the economy. that is what americans are concerned about. what the president can continue to talk about as he has been doing this next debate is how much the defense spending and wars in iraq and afghanistan have cost our economy over the last decade. we have mitt romney who is running on a platform that says he wants to continue endless wars. he has no intention of leaving afghanistan. he is proposing to spend billions of dollars more than the joint chief of staffs are asking for in defense spending. that becomes -- >> she makes a good point here. what mitt romney needs to do he needs to make voters comfortable with him as commander in chief.
1:36 pm
he needs to say, hey i'm going to be tough on our adversaries but i'm not a warmonger. we need a strong military. >> but he is absolutely just been kind of blues terrifying about in a very war mongering way. he has said he believes -- how is it when -- come on. >> heather: don't talk over each other. i'm going a moderator. speaking of moderators that is my next question. we have bob schieffer, moderators of previous two presidential debates and jim lehrer and candy crowley. they each have been criticized in their roles. how do you think sheef her handle his turn at bat? >> he is a pro. he has got two tough acts to
1:37 pm
follow but he is pro. what he will be able to do is hold the candidates both of them on the fire and make sure that they are not telling falsehoods. he is going to ask follow-up questions. >> heather: what do you think? >> i think he is going to keep them honest but not the fact checking. i don't think he will let them duck the tough questions, whether it libya or china. i think he is going to hold their feet to the fire and he is going to make them try to answer the questions to the voters. at the end of the day, this debate is about the voters. >> heather: mitt romney -- >> mitt romney has not laid out any plan. >> heather: we do have breaking news. thank you. we'll see what happens just hours away. >> thank you. >> gregg: o.j. simpson is hoping for a chance at freedom. nevada judge reopening his armed robbery and kidnapping case.
1:38 pm
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>>. >> heather: fox news alert. three people reported dead following a shooting in brookfield, wisconsin. four others are wounded. we have picture of suspect. he is described as 45-year-old radcliff haugheten. he is still on the loose and they are searching multiple locations. he was last seen wearing a gray sweater, blue jeans and had a white and black backpack. three people dead in this shooting that happened in brookfield, wisconsin. four others wounded. >> let's talk about o.j. simpson. it's been a while. nevada judge reopening his armed robbery and kidnapping case. he was convicted you may recall
1:43 pm
in 2008 of leading a group of men to the armed robbery of two sports memorabilia dealers. the judge will decide if he was so poorly represented he should get a new trial. let's bring in our legal panel. joey jackson and lis wiehl. she was a former prosecutor so she would have easily convicted him. joey, let me start with you. simpson is claiming that his florida lawyer who is the principal lawyer in the vegas case was actually there in las vegas in advance of the crime and advised simpson that are crime will not be a criminal act. if that is through, it's a big if. >> here the point. he may have sought that advice. advice may have if you
1:44 pm
peacefully go and may have my property back. that is not a crime. but if you go in there with guns and you demand your property back with two people who are armed and five people around you i got to think it's problematic. i'm not suggesting, he is very competent lawyer. no lawyer would say that. you can criticize his attorney, but you are not going tell me, go in there with guns. it's no problem. >> he is at least in the media a bid of a hotdog i might say. he is widely respected lawyer. he is competent. >> absolutely. >> the supreme court standard for competency is so low. wasn't there a texas case where the defense attorney in a capital case was drunk and asleep and yet he was competent lawyer. >> what the court said in that
1:45 pm
case it wasn't an important part in the criminal proceeding. >> gregg: if your lawyer tells you in advance that if you confronted two memorabilia experts that it's legally permissible -- doesn't it create a conflict of interest? >> i don't think so. i don't think so in this case. not under those circumstances. >> gregg: but involved in the process of a criminal act. >> i don't know if he was. he says he wasn't. the other thing you have to go back, it's been ten years, and this is just surfacing. appellate lawyers element to have claim that the trial lawyer was ineffective. if they don't raise it --. >> gregg: joey, simpson saying, hey the d.a. apparently offered me a plea deal of two to five
1:46 pm
years. i would have taken it had i known. >> it's a question of fact. now and we all know as attorneys if we get a plea deal, we have to disclose it. someone is going to say anything. with all of these things, at least we know this, all these claims trial strategy. the law is pretty clear on these issues. we as lawyers. we have trial strategy that we want. >> simpson says, hey, i would 6 taken the witness stand. >> and go with your point. i would have taken the witness stand, trial strategy, yes, that is for lawyers, but the defendants, client is the one who gets it. if he would have taken the witness stand. >> i was pressured by my lawyer. the counter to that, knowing o.j. simpson he is not going to be pressured by anybody.
1:47 pm
>> wait a second. o.j. is in jail in prison now because he find nicole's real killer. [ laughter ] >> gregg: i covered the trial of the nine months that it went on. i've never seen such overwhelming evidence. >> one very important point. as a former prosecutor, harmless error. in the event that o.j. can move forward. you can say, you know what, no. >> gregg: if only they had handled the case it would have been so different. next time. >> heather: still to come today, tomorrow night's debate between president obama and governor romney is all about foreign policy. coming up, from libya to afghanistan and al-qaeda.
1:48 pm
how and where should the debate be focused most? fox news security analyst k.t. mcfarland will give us her take up next. wooohooo....hahaahahaha! oh...there you go. wooohooo....hahaahahaha! i'm gonna stand up to her! no you're not. i know. you know ronny folks who save hundreds of dollars switching to geico sure are happy.
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>>. >> heather: welcome back. counting down to the final presidential debate set to focus on foreign policy. some of the big issues on the agenda, u.s. consulate attack in libya and civil war in syria and now on deal with iran's suspected nuclear ambitions. where should tomorrow's debate be focused? k.t. mcfarland. i always enjoy your insight. format for tomorrow night's debate. it's 90 minutes divided in six 15-minute segments. longest role in world. changing middle east. new face of terrorism and the rise of china in tomorrow's world. k.t. taking a look those segments what is most significant areas? >> it's going to be different. i think which candidate shows up for these. we know what obama is going to say.
1:53 pm
he i am obama. i slayed bin laden and i'm a strong president. reset in russia didn't work very well. dictators are becoming anti-american muslim brotherhood group. obviously the problem in libya. there are no not a lot of successes. i got bin lad in. question is not so much obama, it's romney. which romney is going to show up. is it going to be george romney, mitt romney, channeling george w. bush with a more aggressive policy. maybe we should take preemptive action against nuclear sites or ronald reagan, first priority rebuilding the economy and then peace through strength. i think he is going to get the reagan one. romney gave foreign policy state at bmi and he went back to
1:54 pm
reagan and george marshall. that was an america that used economic power to encourage allies. >> heather: and we'll have it tomorrow starting at 5:00 a.m. that talks about it. >> i'm going lay out the arguments each one is going to have to make. i think it's really important that romney comes -- these debates. i've worked on these debates with other presidents. americans want to know the specifics but which of these two guys is going to keep me safe. part of wrath against romney democrats put out, he doesn't have the experience. the issues that he cares about, is he going to get us into another war in the middle east. he make sure american people realize that he is not going to do this. >> heather: a lot of pundits
1:55 pm
said that romney dropped the ball on libya. didn't have his facts correct. what do you think will happen? >> what did you know, when did you know it. why didn't they have the additional security and whose fault is in it. romney he follows up by saying, not only have you told us the truth but why haven't you told us the truth. your policy has failed. you have been saying, you have al-qaeda and it's finished. >> heather: you expect him to do it a little harder. finally the talk of october surprise. what is that? do you think it will happen tomorrow night. >> we don't know. historically a major foreign policy crisis, economic crisis, something that changes the dynamic. what obama can do as a sitting president. he can come out and say, i did a drone strike people that killed our ambassador in libya. i have gone after the al-qaeda
1:56 pm
camps in libya. he could do something like that. there are rumors floating around he is they have some kind negotiations, the united states and iran over iran's nuclear program. >> heather: unsubstantiated. >> but either one of those could change the dynamic. >> heather: we'll see what happens. countdown is on until tomorrow night. we will be right back. stay tuned. ::
1:57 pm
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>> we begin with a fox news alert a shooting spree in wisconsin killing three people. welcome to brand new "inside america's election headquarters." >> according to police, a gunman opening fire at a day spa and police are naming the shooting suspect who is it will on the loose. we are live with the breaking details. >> details are coming in. authorities are working on two active scenes including a day spa where they are trying to clear the building of an explosive device but the suspect's residence. the suspect has been identified, this man here, and he was wearing a gray waiter and blue jeans and carrying a white and black backpack. law enforcement is no longer looking for the mazda he was driving. it has been located outside the city limits.
2:01 pm
witnesses say the spa is near the law and described the shooting where it happened like this at 11 a.m. >> we saw a woman crawl from the front door and roll down the hill. she was scooped up by the cops and we heard a loud yell and then ten left the building screaming. >> swat team negotiator and command staff and victim specialists are helping with the response. we are told by the police chief that seven people were injured, and four transported to the hospital. three victims have died as a result of the shooting. a temporary restraining order was issued against the suspect on october 8 because of a domestic abuse complaint. >>gregg: thank you.
2:02 pm
>> another fox news alert from the middle east, authorities in jordan stopping a major terrorist plot by al qaeda allegedly. at least 11 militants were busted, accused of targeting embassies and malls where westerners gather in jordan. in the attacks, they were in the planning stages since june using smuggled weapons and explosives brought in from syria. >> the deadly attack in libya expected to take center stage during tomorrow's final presidential debate raising new questions over how president obama landed to account for his administration's actions in the early days of the investigation. now from washington with more on this. molly? >> heather, republicans are contend that the obama administration had warnings of the security risk if did not do anything. there are new state department documents released by g.o.p.
2:03 pm
lawmakers showing officials were concerned about security and asked for more protection. republicans charged that the obama administration ignored the warning signs. >> people saw this attack coming, the british pulled their people out of benghazi. the red cross pulled out. there was an attack on us in benghazi. yet the people asked for more security and they got hazardous duty pay but not more security. >> south carolina senator graham said the assault in benghazi was "a national security breakdown before, during, and after the attack." democrats are pushing back on the state department documents suggesting that the republicans should not have made them public. we are talking about scores of state department documents released by republican congressman issa on friday. the documents also include names of libyan nationals. democrats say releasing the documents puts the libyans at risk and say republicans need to
2:04 pm
wait until all the facts are out about the attack. >>heather: than you, molly, from washington. >> remember, coming up later, our very own bret baier brings a special investigative report, death and deceit in benghazi at tonight at 10:00 eastern on fox news. >>gregg: the special enprovide to the united -- envoy to the ud states and the united arab league are talking about a possible cease-fire between rebels and the government forces ahead of a major muslim holiday marking the end of ramadan. it is not clear if either side will commit to the peace agreement. however, the syrian capital was rocked by another explosion today killing at least ten people, wounding dozens. >> in politics, we are headed for the looming showdown in the
2:05 pm
sunshine date with focus on last-minute debate preparation ahead of the final debate on foreign policy. john roberts is live for us in florida with the latest. john? >> afternoon, the two have been working most of the weekend preparing for the final meeting here knowing that the debates are moving numbers they both want to put in a good performance. libya will be an issue that comes in. mitt romney campaign is suggested that if the president called it an act of terror the day after it happened why did his ambassador to the united nations declare it was an outgrowth of the antimuslim video and if the white house knew al qaeda was becoming a threat to the united states interests, why did they make it about the video? this morning, white house senior advisor for president obama, axelrod, dismissed that white
2:06 pm
house was trying to deflect attention away from threats of al qaeda. >> that is nonsense. this was a tragic event. the president did call it an act of terror several times. as for an ordered investigation to get to the bottom of what happened, why it happened and bring those who committed the act to justice. >> foreign policy, active foreign policy, anyway, is not his strong point, but governor romney will try to make it that on monday night tying foreign policy to the economy saying you cannot have a strong policy, you cannot have a strong military without a strong economy. on the trail this afternoon, in iowa, the running mate, paul ryan, suggested that president obama doesn't have anything that resembles a plan for the next four years to fix the economy, contrasted with the romney and ryan plan. >> here is how you balance the budget and here is where you cut spending, and here is how you clean up the tax mess in
2:07 pm
washington, dc, so we can create jobs, here is how you have an energy policy and education policy, and here is how you champion small businesses, here is how you get people back to, would, here is how you draw the middle class. >> this last head to head meeting on monday night marks the final two weeks of the campaign and from here at the university in boca raton, it is a flatout two week sprint to get out as many voters to the polls. >>heather: tomorrow night is 15 days until voters head to the polls. thank you, john roberts. >> an american political icon died at 90, u.s. senator george mcgovern was an outspoken critic of the war in vietnam and suffered a landslide defeat in the 1972 presidential race to nixon. now we are live in washington looking back at his political career. >> he lost the 1972 presidential
2:08 pm
nixon to nixon by 500 electoral votes but former president clinton said in 2006 in the storied history of american politics i believe no other presidential candidate ever had such an enduring impact in defeat. he was a pilot in iowa and was elected to the senate from south dakota in 1962 and was the party's nominee for president a decade later. >> the american people want to believe in their government, believe in their country. >> he dropped his running mate when it was revealed the missouri senator received shock therapy for depression years earlier. he was replaced by sergeant shriver running on a platform pushing for withdrawal from vietnam. >> the first time i spoke against vietnam my son was then nine years old. he now is 19. he has been been placed in the draft. it never occurred it would some day catch my own senator ten
2:09 pm
years later. >> he said that president obama's election would be a "victory for moderate liberalism" and the president said he was a statesman of great conscience and conviction. in the last few years, the family says he continued giving speeches, writing and advising all the way up to and past his 90th brought celebrated this summer. the family says that services will be held in sioux falls, south dakota. >>gregg: thank you, peter, from from washington, dc. >> pope benedict naming seven new saints at vatican, two americans on the list, including a member of the sisters of st. francis from upstate new york, and the first ever native american to be elevateed to sainthood, a mohawk girl who converted to can local civil and died at the age of 24. >>gregg: severe flooding
2:10 pm
forcing evacuations in lordis, france, leaving hundreds of pilgrims being pulled from the hotel after the flood rivers went over the water, the town draws six million visitor as year when the virgin mary appeared to a teen girl in 1868. >>heather: how crucial is tomorrow night's final showdown between presbyterian and governor romney? our campaign insiders will bring it all down to you. >> a showdown of a different time, people in arizona getting a little too close for comfort with a group of bulls. more of that amazing video coming up. >>heather: it is that time of year. what? not yet? not deck the halls. well, for the retailers, scores are gearing up for holiday
2:11 pm
shoppers but are shoppers in the mood to spend or for christmas music in anyway shame or form? >>gregg: love christmas all year round. my doctor told me calcium is efficiently absorbed in small continuous amounts. citracal slow release continuously releases calcium plus d with efficient absorption in one daily dose. citracal slow release.
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>>gregg: and now the headlines. famous american bicyclist lance armstrong greeting thousands of live strong charity bike riders in next it is underfire after the united states antidoping agency accuses him of using performance enhancing drugs throughout his career. tomorrow, he will learn whether the international cycling officials will strip him of seven tour de france titles. >> a man says he saw big foot. state police are investigating the man's claim he encountered the creature in the woods of central pennsylvania. >> plus, fargo is coming to our tv, our sister station launching a new show centered around the same town of the movie "fargo" that debuted in 1996. forget the wood chipper. original producers, the cohens are involved, yet again. >>heather: love that movie.
2:16 pm
♪ bells are ringing ♪ it's lovely weather for a sleigh ride ♪ >>heather: those are christmas lights. yes. the christmas creep hollywood items showing up, rather, holiday items, are showing up in stores earlier each year. will consumers start spending earlier this year? our senior business correspondent, anchor of "bulls & bears" joins us. what is christmas creep? >>guest: it is stores start selling santa claus and all the toys, way before halloween. in fact, walmart starts the layaway program in september. there is a good idea that it will do well because we are in a tough economy right now.
2:17 pm
people are going to layaway programs. they are starting earlier. they are more budget conscience. they will spend only $750 on average per person. that just an increase 1 percent over last year, the small of the increase since we had the huge financial meltdown in 2008. there will be a lot more stores competing for fewer dollars and they will do what they can to get you in. >>heather: but it is still an increase. i likened it to the stuff that creeps all over the ground, ku kudzo. won't it kill the christmas spirit? >>guest: research i found is that black friday, everyone rushes over each other to get to the big deal busters, black friday does not give you deals, the time to shop is now for more stuff. there are more discounts. stores are putting more things
2:18 pm
on discount. you don't have to wait. we are seeing more and more people starting toship. one in three consumers will be done, finished, no more christmas shop, by cyber monday, the monday after thanksgiving. >>heather: i procrastinate, it makes it more fun to wait. >>guest: and it is more expensive, too. >>heather: that is why to benefit consumers, how does it benefit the retailers? >>guest: retailers will find it helps them. a lot of this is layaway programs where you basically say, i want this thing but why have enough money to pay for it so i will pay for it a little bit each month keeping you going back to the same store and creates store loyalty. at walmart we found that already people have spent more on layaway, more than half of what
2:19 pm
they did last year by this time this year. the whole year last year, so, it is really working for retailers. >>heather: when we aring a great separated with the christmas lights out here on the streets in new york and we see the advertisements in the stores, already, we --. >>guest: it is our fault. it is because we are doing it on purpose. i am having greg to my shopping. health i have enough "creeps" in my life. is this cautious optimism? >>guest: it is a bad sign we are only increasing by 1 percent. there is not much money. people are doing it in a budget conscious way. we have a last uncertainty about the election. get out there. you will get the deals before black friday. the research shows now that all of that waiting for the big day
2:20 pm
isn't going to help your wallet. that is really what people are zeroing in on. >>heather: you look at the numbers and the 1.2 percent, a slight increase, that could be telling because the unemployment numbers, and so many are without a job so the two are not --. >>guest: it is a small increase, the smallest increase since the days of 2008 when it was very dark and the world was basically over, we hot. this is not exactly a good sign. >>heather: when they say black friday and cyber monday you get the best deals --. >>guest: just get out there. next to the pumpkin. you can go to toys 'r us and get your stuff early for cheaper. >>heather: thank you. you can catch brenda on "bulls and bears" on saturday moment at 10:00 a.m. right here on the fox
2:21 pm
business network. are you going to start christmas shopping, for us, right new? >>gregg: i am so way ahead of you. last week i out and got all the pictures for the christmas card and i will order the christmas cards this week. >>heather: what does that have to do with me? >>gregg: would you like to be in our family christmas card this year? >>guest: you can photo shop it. >>gregg: from christmas to halloween arguably the second most favorite holiday, the drought that has gripped the midwest this year is having a major impact on pumpkins. there are still plenty of pumpkins to go around but the lack of rain is making the pumpkins. smaller than usual. that's okay. that means finding the perfect pumpkin could be a little bit more difficult and cost you a bit more money. >>heather: some of those look
2:22 pm
pretty good. >>gregg: i'm into gourds. >>heather: part of president obama's health care overall kicking in and it could cause some hospitals to have to close their doors. >>gregg: how much of an impact will the third and final she down really make? it is foreign policy and that is the subject. do enough people care to tune in? our campaign insiders are weighing in on this topic. [ music playing, children laughing ] [ slap! slap! slap! ] [ music, laughter stop ] [ male announcer ] when your favorite foods fight you, fight back fast with tums smoothies. so fast and smooth, you'll forget you had heartburn. ♪ tum tum tum tum tums [ male announcer ] tums smoothies.
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>>heather: welcome back at the bottom of the hour. president obama and governor romney studying hard ahead of tomorrow night's debate. both men will square off in florida over foreign policy. officials in jordan have broken up a massive terror plot targeting shopping malls and
2:27 pm
western diplomats. 11 militants have been arrested. the manhunt is on for a suspect who shot and killed at least three people at a spa in suburban milwaukee. four others were wounded. police state suspect is still on the loses. police confirming they found an improvised explosive device at the scene. >> president obama's health care reform law now having a unique impact on hospitals. a new medicare penalty that could charge heavy fines on hospitals with a high number of patient readmission and some are concerned the fines could lead to more hospitals closing their doors for good. now like for us from los angeles with more on this. >> well, governor romney is saying obamacare has forced the closing of too many hospitals and is warning that medicare follows will close more. two-thirds of hospitals in america are seeing high free --
2:28 pm
readmission of parent whose should not be back. what is causing the visits is hospital hygiene causing infections that cost complications when the patient is home and it is where patients are not told the ways to get the support they are needed. so medicare is taking a school patch to hospitals that see too many paints coming back, around $125,000 a year in penalties but in 2015 it will be up to $900 million and it is now restricted to, really, cases of heart failure and pneumonia. if you return in 30 days, that is the core of the problem. the hospitals will try and worm their way out of being fined, however. >> the moment the fines have a bite, the moment they cost hospitals something, the hospitals will go to congress members and get the fines
2:29 pm
rescinded. this happens over and over again in medicare. when medicare tries to improve the quality or reduce the cost, the efforts are undone under lobbying pressure from high-cost, low-quality providers >> the government is forcing hospital to raise standards for something as fundamental as sanitation. face it, that is go news for the patients but hospitals will likely come under additional pressure from the insurance companies to clean up their acts. the insurance companies could extend their exemptions to more conditions than medicare. they say this usually happens in areas where there are not the necessary resources to prevent the patients to end up back in the hospital. >>heather: thank you, live from los angeles.
2:30 pm
>>gregg: we are now 24 hours away from the final presidential debate and president obama and governor romney are now in a dead heat, tied for the white house. how likely will the debate have any impact? we will bring in our campaign insiders, former republican congressman for new york, and pat caddell, fox news contributor and former pollster for jimmy carter, and doug schoen, a fox news contributor and former pollster for bill clinton. gentleman, is the race, doug, basically tied? >>doug: i believe so. but there is a "but." that is that the movement has been to governor romney. some of the more left-wing commentators have tried to suggest that there was a blip up for president obama after the debate. according to some of the polls, he won that. but, looking at all the polls, including the state polls, we are seeing the movement to the
2:31 pm
governor is clear. >>gregg: i am glad you brought up gallup and rasmussen. here is rasmussen, with romney up by to points and look at gallup tracking poll, pat, romney is up, as of 1:00 o'clock this afternoon, romney is up plus seven points. is that gallup poll accurate? or an outliar? >> i think it is an outliar because i have a problem with the seven-day seven day rollings because you are putting in 350 interviews which is margin of error at 15 points and each day you take one out. however, obama is -- i take gallup and rasmussen and i divide by two and i might do more than that. rasmussen shows romney up in the swing states by four points. if you look at the race, it is what doug said, very close, but it is moving to romney.
2:32 pm
there has always been, historically the beginning of the week after, the last week of the campaign, the incumbent get as boys and the challenger gets the undecided. >>gregg: i like the electoral map and look at the real clear politics electoral map based on an average of polls in the state, the yellow, obviously, are some of the toss ups. however, the total number here is dramatically different than four weeks ago when all of us were sitting here, and obama was ten points from the electoral votes of the 270 needs and now obama is 201 andthen romney is 230-- 206.
2:33 pm
>> the state could turn for romney with little campaigning. we do not see the candidates in minnesota. >>gregg: now, the gallup poll on approval numbers. the president's gallup number is plus four points just posed rasmussen and he is underwater, negative two points. what do you make of this? >>doug: i would take the approval number in both polls, at 49. that is about the level i would hypothesize and pat would probably agree that the incumbent will get. if the incumbent gets 49 and governor romney gets almost 99 percent of outstanding vote, we are in a very, very close election so while the two polls are dispratt -- disparate, i draw the same conclusion. >>pat: i have said if the approval -- obama is at a critical inpositive.
2:34 pm
he goes down and he is a sure loser. but the point that john made that is important, a state like pennsylvania which i believe we all 2409 was out -- all thought was out of reach, they have had problems with romney, and all polls show there is no money there, that is a big state. >>gregg: i am told you are interested in iowa and wisconsin, and now here the nbc polls. obama has substantial lead plus eight in iowa and plus six in wisconsin. >> pat is laughing. because he has had a consistent problem with this particular polling arrangement with the "wall street journal" and nbc. there is a ppppolling company that skews lost, and they have a one-point lead. >>pat: the private data i show
2:35 pm
is showing in iowa a much closer race. >> you have to believe just to understand, you have to believe that since september we had in first debate and nothing happened. >>gregg: florida is critical with 29 electoral votes. the president was ahead in florida not long ago and now eight point-swing in one month, romney-plus throw points and if you dig deeper, look at women: 18-point swing to mitt romney. now, the next poll, the economy, romney is ahead by seven points. who do you trust to handle the economy. >>john: i believe the numbers are close but if you notice in the last week, both the president and the governor have spent a lot time in florida, the governor spending the weekend there doing debate prep because he has to win florida. it is gravy and icing on the state.
2:36 pm
he doesn't have to win but he is still pushing there they think that state is still winnable for either guy. >>gregg: and ohio, this is interesting, also, the president had a huge lead and now not so much. doug? >> that is the key, john was alluding to it. bottom line, if the president hopes and i know it is "if" minnesota and wisconsin and pennsylvania, he wins ohio and that is effectively the ballgame. with a three-point lead in the vote at friction, that state is in play in a way it hasn't been. >> both states have had so much money spent. they are not moving as fast as the states where no money has been spent with no time spent. ohio could have been poison in my opinion. that is why the republicans have to make a broader reach for some of the other states. >>gregg: i show a couple of ads because after eight months of negative ads, obama campaign
2:37 pm
is o guess what romney is doing? just the opposite. >>heather: coming up, you guys talking about the debate a showdown of a different kind in arizona getting too close for comfort with a group of bulls. when you have diabetes... your doctor will say get smart about your weight. dealer
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2:41 pm
>>heather: our fox afilth immediate in milwaukee, wisconsin, now saying that the suspected gunman in a shooting spree has been found dead. he has been identified as 45 -year-old who was wanted involved in a mass shoot that happened in wisconsin at a salon there. three people were wounded and four are dead in the shooting as we have been reporting. again, our affiliate in wisconsin, happening outside of milwaukee, wisconsin, the suspect, 45-year-old suspect, he
2:42 pm
has been found dead reportedly of a self inflicted gunshot wound. his body found inside the salon there. again, four reported dead, officially that number was three. three wounded in the shooting that happened in wisconsin at a salon. we will bring you more information as it becomes available. this information coming from witi, our affiliate in wisconsin. >>gregg: thank you. >> we have a future in our plan. >> you look at president's plan, i don't think there can be any question we are on the right course. >> president obama doesn't get what people need. that is jobs and an opportunity to help themselves. >>gregg: you probably have not seen that because the president spent eight months and tens of millions on negative ads attacking mitt romney and now they are positive ads.
2:43 pm
back with our campaign insiders. what is the deal? >>pat: simple. you only change traffic when your ads are not working. the governor was successful in the first debate in making himself reasonable and centrist. bottom line, the negative ads have stopped working. president obama, to get from the 49 percent approval up to 50 percent has gone positive in a desperate attempt to change the direction of the election. >>gregg: romney is no longer the three headed boogie man. here is his newest ad. look at this. >> the policies have not works. median written come is down $3,300 a family and 23 million americans out of work. he said he would cut the deficit in half. he has not been able to put in place reforms for medicare and social security.
2:44 pm
>>gregg: now obama is -- rather, romney is negative. >>pat: he has been using the debate for positive which is saying do you really want to keep the same the next four years? that, for the undecided voters and those squishy voters if that is what they weighing, him versus that, they need to do that. >>gregg: tomorrow is the final debate. all the polls show you that five or six or 10 percent, maximum, of likely voters care about foreign policy. will anyone tune in and pay attention and care? >>john: they will want. it is the great of the show on earth. people are watching the debates even with monday night football. they will watch the debate. if what we have been saying for 20 minutes is true the race is tied, either guy can win.
2:45 pm
or lose. every event from now on is crucial. a mistake tomorrow night or a home run by either --. >> we have libya. that was an issue that was sort of maybe a ground rule double last time. put another way, it is a do over a moment of lie suspense, high drama, and real interest because in real time we have the question of what the president is going to do, what governor romney's critique is and we didn't get that question answered. >> we did not get it answered and there are many more. i have been doing polling for security america and there are issues like china that matter, muslim extremism matters, but here is the point for romney, he needs to do what reagan did. we tried in 1980, that he would blow up, reagan, the country up. people thought he won, when he
2:46 pm
said are you better off than four years ago? no, he won when he said i have grandchild and children and i don't want to start a war. >>gregg: libya and benghazi in the last debate the president towned to romney squarely and looked at him and said how dare you suggest i am trying to politicize this. this is not what the presidency is about. you could hear a pin drop. he will do it again. >>john: what worries me, when romney weighs in to the topic of foreign awares, he steps all over himself. the trip to england for the olympics, the press conference the day of the riots in cairo, this thing the other night was keyed up for him to hit it right out of the ballpark and he fumbled it. >>gregg: he spend the time since then perfecting his response now, this is a time went country is, i think, pointing out, is uniquely
2:47 pm
focused on an event that took four heroic americans, a 9/11, the question, where do we go? why did it happen? what do we do. >> i think romney flinched. i don't think he will flinch on this. >>gregg: he was turned off by crowley. >>pat: libya is huge. they have to answer it. we have 9 flag hanging over the -- al qaeda flag over our embassy in cairo. >>john: and the issue of moderator, the most experienced of all the guys 8:00. >>gregg: he will not pull a bone headed move. >>john: he will want to be a big player. >>pat: i don't think so. >>doug: i think he will stay out. >>gregg: he doesn't want to be the mexican difficult crowley.
2:48 pm
campaign insiders are back here next sunday and they are on twitter, as well, for you to follow. we will talk a little bit about george mcgovern who passed away, the 192 democratic nominee. you worked for him, pat? >>pat: it was my first campaign, i was 21. i have known honorable people in politics and he was one of the most if not the most honorable with jimmy carter, that i have known, he was an american hero, a war hero, he stood up for principle, he led the food for peace, he changed the democratic party. he brought me to politics and hundreds or thousands like me, but a president, bill clinton, hillary clinton, gary heart, all kinds of people, he was a giant. i was never not proud. we lost. but we lost to a terrible, evil administration and i have never been more proud. >>gregg: he always said his time was off in 1972.
2:49 pm
>>doug: the timing may have been off but he would not play politics with his war record. >> he was a war hero. the lesson we draw from this, there is honor in politics. there is leadership. there is morality. >>john: if you look back 40 years later, the stand he took which was not popular, to be against the war, then, was not an easy position to take. the majority of people had been fooled over vietnam. they now is come to see what a disaster that war was. he was ahead of the game. what of america's great politicians, george mcgovern, and he will be long remembered. this happy couple used capital one venture miles for their "destination wedding." double miles you can "actually" use.
2:50 pm
but with those single mile travel cards... [ bridesmaid ] blacked out... but i'm a bridesmaid. oh! "x" marks the spot she'll never sit. but i bought a dress! a toast... the capital one venture card. fly any airline, any flight, anytime. double miles you can actually use. what a coincidence? what's in your wallet? [ all screaming ] watch the elbows ladies.
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2:53 pm
>>heather: a police dispatcher confirming a suspected gunman at a shooting at a spa in milwaukee has been found dead, and they believe the shooting was related to a domestic dispute. three people were killed and four others were wounded. the injured victims are expected
2:54 pm
to recover. again, the suspected shooter has been found dead.: >>gregg: polls show a mechanic and neck race in nevada but they are not happy with the choice between governor romney or president obama and they have another option "none of the above." >> choices for president will include in nevada more than the familiar names. the last entry is "none of these candidates" a unique option that has survived a legal challenge by republicans and remains popular among voters. >> if there is no one that i am interested in to do that particular job, i would just as soon say "none of the above." >> i do not think it would be throwing my vote away.
2:55 pm
>> the public loves having the option to express they want to cast a ballot in favor of none of the candidates. >> nevada introduced the vote in 1995 in the wake of watergate. some experts say it could have impacted elections such as that of senate majority leader harry reid. in 1998 he beat his republican challenger by 400 votes but none of the candidates got 8,000 votes. there was the 1992 presidential race. >> when you hat -- had ross perot on the ballot. >> it could take votes away from mitt romney and other g.o.p. candidates and the republican national committee filed suit saying this takes away and disenfranchises voters. given the history, the popular
2:56 pm
choice could be a .er in a race where president obama has seen his lead over mitt romney shrink by more than half over the past two weeks. in extra for fox news. >>heather: governor romney taking time off from debate preparation to join in on football fun, with the top aides and traveling press corps squaring off today in a friendly game of flag football. governor romney threw the coin toss and his wife threw a touchdown pass. the game ended in a tie, 14-14. >>gregg: that is so politically correct, a tie. >>heather: like the polls. >>gregg: fox news sunday with "chris wallace" is next. in fact, in a recent survey, 95% of people who tried it agreed that it relieved their headache fast. visit today for a special trial offer. just begin with america's favorite soups.
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